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To enhance the well being of the people of South Africa, African Continent and the world through the creation of sustainable and enabling Information and Communication Technology environment. We shall through leveraging our world-class knowledge, skills and experience, deliver on our social contract to the people in a professional manner reflective of our national value system informed by the Batho Pele ethos.

We shall establish and provide a trusted accreditation process to authentication service providers by:

  • setting credible and effective standards and a measuring processes;
  • implementing an easily accessible accreditation process;
  • assisting potential authentication service providers in the process of accreditation of their products and services;
  • informing users, authentication service providers and the public of all relevant aspects of accreditation, the South African Accreditation Authority’s role as well as information on accredited products and services.


A global leader in harnessing Information Communications Technologies for socio-economic development and in particular to become a trusted and credible South African Accreditation Authority that would carry value and set meaningful standards for accreditation in the interest of consumer and user protection, and to support the cost-effective delivery of on-line services to all citizens of South Africa.